Oh WHUT? She finally wrote a FIC you say?!?!

Yeah. It happened. I... make no excuses.

Title: (Is There) A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Jeff/Annie
Summary: a prompt from amtrak12 "Vaughn writes a song about Jeff."
Word Count: 7,710 (zomg?!)
Rating: ummm. there be some swears, so... M? (I don't really know how this works.)
Spoilers: let's call it a nice even everything (mostly finale)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even Okkervil River, the band whose song I used for the title. (Sadness ensues.) Also a disclaimer? Hi, my first fic ever. How embarrassing.

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Oh Glee. They're called 'synonyms'. It's not that hard.

Why so ridiculous Glee?? I mean, you KNOW i love you and this past monday's ep may or may not have sent me into spastic fits of joy and life fulfillment. (Puck the profesh ~dancer?? the Puckerone of the Opera? HUMILIATING?!? BRB STILL DYING FOREVER.) So yeah, i love you like a Rachel loves animal encrested sweaters (ignore the fact that I think this is the first ep we've seen her in one? Rachel, in terms of animal clothing passion, you are no Bret, I am sorry.) but at the same time:


You only used it 16 times.

Sixteen times. No really, I counted. ...shut up and Glee. Did you know that in an ep of less than an hour --commercials subtracted--, that maths out to about one "reputation" for every two and a half-ish minutes?

You so silly, Glee. Never change.
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Definition of "A Long Time Coming"

As in "this was something promised foreverandfive days ago and is only FINALLY being produced now." definition provided for all those with heads in the gutter. You're welcome.

So gather round kiddies, and let me tell you about a personal hero of mine.

Name: ohladybegood
Occupation: kickin ass, breakin hearts, and being all 'round Señor Awesome-o.
Hobbies: writing fanfiction that owns the deeds to my SOUL?!??!?!? is this exaggeration? I couldn't say myself.

But soul-owning aside, she inspires me to do horrifyingly embarrassing things. Like put pencil to paper and render un-likenesses in homage to her storylines.

That's right. This is a fan art post. I apologize in advance.

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I hope you're sitting down...

ZOMG LOOK, SOMETHING'S HAPPENING IN THIS DEADED LJ. I'm as shocked as you are! No, seriously.

But okay onto more fun things. Like Confession Time! So here we go.

I. love Finn/Quinn. They currently own a HUGE chunk of my heart and a substantial amount of the blame for that falls on unequivocally.

Basically if you haven't read The Way the World Ends, drop everything and go do that now. It's inspiring. Those two twist my heartstrings in ways I couldn't comprehend and I found myself listening to every other song that hit my shuffle with a "guh, TWTWE" ear. It got to the point that I started openly searching, and lo and behold, this was born:

forgive me for the art btw, it was literally a FIRST TIME EVER WTF AM I DOING!!!! scenario. Can't be blamed.

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Tabula Rasa, Peeps

So I'm starting afresh. And I'll do that by saying that you will basically never see me here. I've just got to accept that I am not much of a journal keeper (she says as she writes in her livejournal. Shut up, I have this so I can 'memory' things OKAY?). Frankly, I suck at it. And unless I experience some drastic personality overhaul between now and... eternity? Whenever I post next? ... I really shouldn't start sentences I don't know how to finish. But BASICALLY, I expect that I'll keep on sucking at it. We'll see.

(And just in case that brain-wipe-change/become-a-working-member-of-LJ-society thing does happen, I suppose now would be the time I tell you: I am a shipper. Of crazy proportions. And the majority of my ships are not the fan favorites so... be warned. I make no promises when it comes to sanity.)

You've been warned. :)

Till next time! (if there is a next time... Dun dun DUUUUN)
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